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Each and all the indoor unit panel designs We show here are subject to:

1.Capacities from 5,000 up to 7,000BTU/h. 9,000BTU/h.12,000BTU/h. 16,000BTU/h. 18,000BTU/h.  22,000BTU/h. 24,000BTU/h,(some models can reach 30,000BTU/h);
2. Refrigerant R22,R410A,R290 ;
3. Power supply of 220-240V 50Hz, 115V 60Hz, and 230V 60Hz ;
4. Compressor and motor fixed speed, AC inverter and DC inverter ;
5. Ambient temperature of T1, T2, and T3 ;
6. Single indoor, dual, triple and multiple ;
7. Energy level of normal, mid-high and High E.E.R.and super High E.E.R 

Please consult with our sales managers for details now.

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